What it involves

Deburring alone is no longer sufficient to meet the ever-increasing demands, such as those imposed on manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry by the VDA 19 standard concerning residual contamination. In most cases, additional washing is necessary. PILLER offers efficient solutions in the form of spray cleaning systems. Our washing systems are based on the concept of keeping the various processing mediums separate from each other. This reduces the risk of inter-contamination to an absolute minimum. For each stage in the process, there is a chamber with integral tank station and filtration system. The pioneering features of this system include the short cycle times, made possible by state-of-the-art “full-flow filtration” of inflowing and outflowing processing mediums, as well as the use of select individual components, such as nozzles and rails specially adapted to the components in question. The machine is modular in design.

We are not only able to handle individual processes, but also provide all-inclusive deburring and cleaning solutions, incorporating the efficient control and handling of components.

Spray cleaning machine