The Procedure

No Chance for Burrs and chips

Operating with a pressure of up to 1100 bar or more, our machines deburr workpieces in places where other systems reach their limits in terms of technical capability and cost-effectiveness. Water or cutting oil are used as processing mediums. The high-pressure water jet is aimed directly at the area of the workpiece requiring treatment. This allows us to target even intersecting surfaces and boreholes that are otherwise difficult to access. The high kinetic energy of the water jet not only flushes away burrs on the machined edges quickly and efficiently, but also removes chips and other impurities adhering to the workpiece.
PILLER has over 20 years’ experience in producing cutting-edge high-pressure cleaning systems which use water, cutting oil or cooling lubricant in combination with its own patented high-pressure water blasting technology. We offer flexible machinery concepts to deal with any level of contamination and the most intricate of workpieces. Whatever the manufacturing scenario – small or large-scale components, manual or automatic loading, medium to high production volumes, mass serial production, or high-speed loading in parallel with processing – PILLER always offers you the best possible solution in terms of operating costs and process optimisation and adapts it to the space available.

Your benefits

  • High-pressure jet cleaning using water, cutting oil or cooling lubricant
  • Patented high-pressure water jet techniques
  • For all levels of pollution and most difficult geometries
  • Flexible applicable plant concepts
  • Product specific jet nozzle equipment
  • For small components up to large, heavy parts
  • For manual and automated loading
  • For medium to high numbers of pieces and large series
  • For very fast parallel time loading processes
  • Adaptable to any spatial requirement
  • Operational cost and process optimized solutions
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