Trade fair presence: PILLER at the parts2clean2018

For about 10 years, has the parts2clean been the must-attend trade fair of the calendar year. PILLER presented itself as an innovative and competent partner for topics, such as high-pressure deburring and industrial parts cleaning. Many visitors from different industries, eg. automotive, hydraulics,... have informed themselves about the PILLER technologies and presented interesting projects. In particular, the topic of subcontracting was of high interest.

Trade fair presence: PILLER at the AMB 2018

18.09. - 22.09.2018

PILLER exhibited, for the first time, successfully at the AMB in Stuttgart. Many visitors, including decisions makers, were informed about the latest innovations in the area of deburring and spray cleaning. For PILLER the AMB opened new business opportunities and helped to deepen the contact to potential new customers and gain new projects.


press review: Cleanliness - right at the beginning of the process chain

The mechanical cutting immediately after the casting process and the associated process-safe cleaning has prevailed in recent years, and the manufacturing structures changed significantly in many foundry companies.

The days, in which only risers and  sprues of castings had to be cut off are over.  Support surfaces, transport holes, index bore and mounting holes, surfaces and a lot of other machining points are often already machined by the casting manufacturer. This is especially true for complex components such as crankcases and cylinder heads. Related to this are also increased demands on the delivery condition. The car manufacturers write not only the perfect casting quality, machining dimensions and surface quality in the specifications, but also requirements for cleanliness, burr and chip freedom.


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Press Review: Cleaning Braking Systems Parts:

Burr and Chip-free Workpieces in short cycle times

The production of brake cylinder housings requires completely burr and chip-free workpieces to be obtained in order to meet the high quality requirements of customers. A specifically adapted system technology has made this possible.


A manufacturer of passenger car brake cylinder housings wanted to improve its process in order to make it burr and chip-free as well as achieving maximum process reliability and flexibility. The company also needed short cycle times to be obtained: a processing time of ten seconds per housing was required at the beginning of the project.

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The third criterion - a new business unit at PILLER Entgrattechnik

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The industrial cleaning technology is complex. Not only burr and particle freedom are requirements, which the plant manufacturers face - often another acceptance criterion is added: the dryness. Piller deburring technology from Ditzingen relies entirely on vacuum drying.


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Press Review: clean, fast and efficient

A well thought-out machine concept enables high-pressure deburring in the shortest cycle time possible and reduces follow-up costs. You can see the "RoboJet" machine at parts2clean at Piller Deburring Technology.

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Piller Entgrattechnik has an eye for the fluid technology. Deburring and cleaning systems have been developed and manufactured in Swabian Ditzingen, for over 20 years. With the water jet high-pressure technology, burrs and chips can be reliably removed, and even complex components cleaned to a premium quality.
Deburring and cleaning is a quality feature.
The fluid technology is also characterized by increasing demands on the complexity and increasing quantities of many components. Associated with this is also an increase in the requirement for the burr and chip freedom of the mechanically processed components. This is often defined as an independent quality criterion. The consequence is that deburring, chip removal and component cleaning have become value-adding process steps.

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Press Review - Energy-saving cleaning for turbocharger

Clean turbocharger-housing in cylce times of less than 60 seconds

A newly developed continuous cleaning system specially designed for the cleaning of machined cast components has been used since September 2015 for the final cleaning of turbocharger housings.

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Clean Parts - compact system - energy-saving operation

New cleaning machine for turbocharger housings

Piller Entgrattechnik from Heimerdingen in Germany has a new cleaning system in view made to clean machined castings. Piller sets new standards with the recently delivered machine for cleaning of turbocharger housings.

Final cleaning of machined turbocharger housings

High cleaning quality and short cycle times in combination with low space and energy requirements, and this for the lowest possible investment. In cycle times under 60 seconds the system removes dirt and clamping chips from the workpieces in several zones and finally dries the parts.
In the actual version, the system is specially adapted to the size of the parts and to the requirements of the turbochargers. Maximum 600 microns particle size after cleaning was the challenging quality specification.

Maximum processing time and machine flexibility

A clever idea is hidden behind the part transport. On a specially designed cleaning pallet, the turbochargers are very quickly fed through the machine via chain drive. In the individual process zones, the cleaning platforms are decoupled from the chain and are individually movable. This allows optimal alignment process to spraying technique. Thanks to the very quick part transport, the available processing time in each zone can be better exploited. This construction also allows flexibility for different type turbocharger, which can be cleaned in the washing machine. The spraying technique is divided into three areas. Two of them work with low pressure and a chamber is equipped with a high-pressure cleaning system. This one works with pressures below 200 bar and removes reliably all clamping chips from the workpieces.

Energy efficiency all around

The second major requirement for the system was the subject of energy demand. Piller has many years of experience in this field, which have been now consistently implemented. Each process zone has been constructed so that the water quantity and the pressure level have been very reduced to the real requirements. Much attention was paid also to the entire air flow inside and outside the machine. ”We have realized an energetic high-class exhaust concept", tells Chief Technology Officer Thomas Piller about the overall design of the machine. With a reduced quantity of water, divided into two baths, you can expect manageable energy costs in daily operation. According to the customer's requirement, bag filters perform the filtration and the bath heating is electric. Of course we can basically also implement alternative concepts. In the drying zone, optimized air quantity exhaust technique and a vacuum chamber are used.

Future prospects

We are confident that this system meets exactly the demands imposed in the turbocharger Industry.The new system combines cleaning quality, productivity, flexibility and energy efficiency in a brand new way and can be adapted to other parts.Since September, the first machine is in use at a German parts manufacturer and works integrated in a chained production line in multi-shift Operation.

Press review – Deburring with cutting oil

Many precision components are subject to stringent requirements with respect to removing burrs and chips. In addition to the actual chip removal process, it is often necessary to perform a deburring procedure manually or with the help of an independent machine using its own deburring medium. A new, integrated solution is now available.

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Integrated high-pressure deburring – Deburring with cutting oil

Many precision components are subject to stringent requirements with respect to removing burrs and chips. In addition to the actual chip removal process, it is often necessary to perform a deburring procedure – either manually or with the help of an independent machine using its own deburring medium. A new, integrated solution is now available. The high-pressure add-on module HPU 650 allows the deburring process to be integrated in a chip removal machine. For further information, visit the parts2clean trade fair in Stuttgart.

Piller at the parts2clean exhibition 2015

From 9 to 11 June 2015, Piller will be represented at the parts2clean trade fair 2015 in Stuttgart in its capacity as leading manufacturer of machinery for industrial component cleaning. Visit our trade fair stand in Hall 4, booth C39. Discover our trade fair highlight: the new high-pressure supply system for integrated high-pressure deburring. Find out about our innovative processing centres and machinery for professional deburring and spray cleaning. Speak to the Piller experts for advice on the challenges facing your company. We look forward to meeting you.

Press review – Four in one

Interlinked cleaning system for top-quality results: In order to satisfy the high demands of automobile manufacturers in terms of technical cleanliness, a manufacturer of gear components has decided to invest in a modular multi-chamber machine for washing, deburring, fine cleaning and drying.

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Presentation – VDI Magdeburg 2015 (Association of German Engineers)

We would like to thank all our visitors for their interest in our presentation.

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Exhibition review – Automotive Meetings 2015

We would like to thank all our visitors for their interest in our products and services.